A film by Maria Brendle In Development


a cinema documentary by Rolf Hellat In Development

There is no end to this story


Everything about Martin Suter. Everything but the truth.

a cinema documentary by André Schäfer Completed

Roger Federer - The Reunion

a documentary by Alun Meyerhans & Flavio Gerber Completed

Ala Kachuu

A short film by Maria Brendle Completed


a cinema documentary by Maja Tschumi In Production

8 to 18

A documentary by Cosima Frei In Development

5 Euro

A feature film by Cosima Frei In Development


A feature film by Luisa Ricar In Development


A cinema documentary by Rebecca Panian In Development

Off The Brakes

a short documentary by Alun Meyerhans Completed

Our Child

A short film by Samuel FlĂĽckiger In Production

A la Trace

a feature film by Wendy Pillonel In Development

Metta Da Fein

A web series by Carlo Beer and Urs Berlinger Completed


a film by Luca ZuberbĂĽhler Completed

Trailer for the 21st Kurzfilmtage Winterthur

a film by Jan-Eric Mack Completed


a documentary by Chris GrĂĽner Completed


Late Night Show on SRF 1 In Production

Unhappiness is not allowed

a short documentary by Maja Tschumi Completed

The Witcher

A short documentary by Maja Tschumi Completed

Doug & Walter

ein Kurzfilm von Samuel Morris Completed


A short film by Ares Ceylan Completed

The Cheated One

A short film by Tillo Spreng Completed


A short film by Silvio Gerber Completed

Hold up!

A short film by Fabio Friedli Completed

Beware of children!

A short film by Ares Ceylan Completed

The Making of Jesus Christ

A documentary by Luke Gasser Completed