Fête de Vignerons

Web series, SWISS

The Truth about our Business Apprenticeship

Go for it!

Youth campaign, Credit Suisse

Sophie Vouzelaud

Portrait, Sonova


Film to attract apprentices, Credit Suisse

I want to understand

Industrial film, PHZH

This is me

Image film, Kanton of Zurich

In the Beginning There Was Leather

Image film, De Sede

Kaffa Coffee

Image film

Helvetic Tours

Promotional film

You work

Human Resources Film, Building Department of the Canton of Zürich

Fit for Russia

Web series, Credit Suisse

Galaxy S9+

Case film, Samsung


Fashion film

Free-range Eggs

Migros, Generation M


User journey, Credit Suisse

Sustainable Milk

Series for Generation M, Migros

We are the NZZ Media Group

Company profile, NZZ Media Group

Spinach Farmers

Jung von Matt

The Dolder Grand

Image film

Hear Panama

Non-Profit, Hear The World Foundation

Addiction Prevention

Addiction Switzerland

The new Swiss cross

SBB en route

En route

SBB en route

For my apprenticeship. For my future.

Coop basic training

Women's Euro 2017

Portrait Series


Content Series, Coop


Web Ad, Samsung

The Match for Africa 3

Teaser & Event Report, RF Foundation

Merry Christmas

E-Card, Zurich Opera House

Digital Self Onboarding

Credit Suisse

The new eBanking

Campaign Film, Zürcher Kantonalbank

The Truth about Fat

Credit Suisse Research Institute, Teaser

Hear Malawi

Non-Profit, Hear the World Foundation

Bosco Arena Brasilien

Non-Profit, Don Bosco Mundo

This is Credit Suisse

Annual Reporting Suite, Credit Suisse


Web Teaser, Swiss Life

Online Banking Singapore

Image film, Credit Suisse

Sugar: Sweet with a bitter aftertaste

Credit Suisse Research Institute, Teaser

Mission Magellan

Sport Doc, Maurice Lacroix